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TGI Fridays Menu

For many people, food brings comfort and joy. When we’re looking for a good meal. We have countless options to choose from. Whether it’s trying new places or returning to our favourite spots. There’s always something delicious to discover. One such restaurant chain, we are going to talk about. It could become or already is your favourite spots.

I’m sure you have heard of  TGI Fridays. It’s quite famous restaurant of America. It has a lot of restaurants chain across countries. Its people’s ultimate place for birthday parties and cocktail nights.

This article is going to talk everything’s TGI Fridays Menu. What’s new on the TGI Fridays Menu? And everything related to TGI Fridays. So, stay tuned will us till the end of this article.

What is TGI Fridays?   

TGI Fridays is a restaurant chain. It’s America based restaurant known for its casual dining and American food. The name comes from “Thank God It’s Friday”. But some commercials also say “Thank Goodness It’s Friday.” They have over 600 restaurants in 55 countries, with 233 in the United States.

TGI Fridays Franchise

TGI Fridays is a restaurant chain. Most outlets are owned by TGI Friday’s franchisees. The biggest franchisee, The Briad Group, is based in New Jersey. In the past, Whitbread PLC was a big franchisee. It has 45 locations in the UK until 2007.

On January 17, 2007, Whitbread sold all 45 restaurants back to T.G.I. Fridays. This ended a partnership formed in 1986.

TGI Fridays has also been used as a restaurant for hotels. That run by the Country Inns & Suites by Carlson brand.

In 2014, Electra Private Equity bought Fridays British subsidiary. It had 66 sites across the UK. In 2021, Electra spun off its hospitality business. Now called Hostmore Plc, which owns Fridays in the UK.

TGI Fridays Menu

TGI Fridays has a big menu with lots of alcoholic drinks. These beverages come in regular and frozen form. They often have special drinks based on the time of year. Even where you are. They used to have food approved by the Atkins diet, but they stopped using the name in 2006. They still have food with fewer carbs and less fat. In the UK and US, they also have food that’s gluten-free. They have a wide range food option.

TGI Fridays In India

TGI Fridays has three TGI Fridays locations in India. TGIF India headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. If you are in India and wants to try TGIF food. Then don’t worry! They have their restaurants in New Delhi , Kolkata and more.

When you in India, you can get TGIF foods on your door steps. Food delivery services like Zomato and swiggy make it easy for you. You just have to go on their app and book the foods and beverages. There you have it you favourite TGI Friday foods. You can visit the official website of TGIF and get the entire menu with price.   

TGI Fridays Customer Reviews

You go online and search for the customers reviews on TGIF. If we overall conclude, then customers rating for TGIF is pretty average. I mean, there are a lot of criteria which customer reviews. From food quality to cleanliness, everything is observed by customers. There were a lot of customers who wrote about rude behaviour of stuffs. Moreover, the price is very high for the quality of food and portion. Though Indian customers rated the restaurant on Zomato 4.3 star. This quite high to comparing to customers in US and UK, they rated it around 2.8 stars. I mean everyone has different experience and they shared.

We hope this article was helpful for you. TGIF is quite famous restaurant chains across the countries. Go and try and share your experience. Thank you for tuning till the end of the article.   


Q1. Who is the Owner of TGIF ?

A- Alan Stillman is the owner of TGIF.

Q2. When and where was the 1st restaurant of TGIF was opened?

A- The 1st restaurant of TGIF  was open on the corner of 63rd+1st in New York, 1965.

Q3. What TGIF is famous for ?

A- TGIF is an American classic. Its their go to place for cocktail nights and snacks.

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