Bitcoiva: An Ultimate Crypto Trading Platform


Bitcoiva is a next level trading platform that supports and accepts various crypto transactions. It provides direct exchange options which is a big relief for the buyer and the seller.

This site is a game changer in the field of crypto market. A revolution that people have never seen, remarkable features and options. One of the best trading sites in the present crypto market.

A platform to trade all kinds of digital money freely. The live price of today is 9.20$, from BCA to USD live price. This site was founded in the year 2009 by the Bitcoin Exchange company. It charges around 0.20% fees to trade.

It is an online platform that came into the market as a crypto trading platform. Initially, it came into the market as a crypto thing.

In this article we provide you the valid information and we leave it you to decide whether it is for real or a fraud call !

About Bitcoiva

Bitcoiva can be identified as a scam site because it is legal in some and illegal in many other countries.

It is a simple, secured and high-tech platform for trading. They provide high liquidity and complete flexibility to the traders. They do have customer support panel for the assistance.

Live the new wave of crypto trading with Bitcoiva. Easy buying and selling of the digital currency, smooth flow of transactions and direct exchange options.

It is a digital platform where buying and selling of digital currency is done. This platform helps the buyers and sellers to meet at one point for the exchange of the currency. It helps to perform exchange of Bitcoin and crypto money.

How Bitcoiva is creating a bad look for Crypto Currency?

Bitcoiva is a trading platform that is used to perform digital currency exchange in the world market, but it’s not a legal option; they were completely unethical in terms of their work and transactions.

It is a platform which process all these acceptance. For e.g.: Bitcoin is a part of the crypto world market, which is now accepted by many brands in many countries.

About Brands that’s accepts Crypto payment

There are some fraud sites which are not bound to any legal terms. Bitcoiva is a completely safe to perform the buying and selling activities. The perception of the people is changing in various directions due to the acceptance of such trading sites.

Brands like Starbucks, Tesla, Time Magazine, Gucci, Twitch, and more accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for the exchange of goods or for the conversion of cryptocurrency into foreign exchange.

Understand Cryptocurrency

Bitcoiva is universal; it’s not bound to any state or country. It doesn’t come under any government or jurisdiction. We all know that cryptocurrency is a world of digital currency.

Governments in many countries still prohibit such online platforms to avoid scamming sites.

We know that trading platforms like the Nation Stock Exchange or Bombay State Exchange are bound to whom; in case of any losses, we know where to appeal or look forward to.

It is one of the major reasons to ban similar trading sites like coinberry and others. There are both good and bad sites for such platforms.

Understand the line up before Trading

  • If you want to trade digital money like cryptocurrency, do gain knowledge about the background sources before becoming a part of it.
  • Scamming crypto sites  affect the market growth of the crypto world while also affecting its name and ethics.
  • Check whether the trading site is legal or not. If the site is banned by the government then it  is not the right platform to do trade.
  • Crypto is gradually taking a position to get accepted around the world, but due to the scam, it is getting reflected negatively in front of people.
  • Many sites came as a trading platform and do scam with people. It directly impact the choice of people towards digital money.
  • Check whether it authorized or not in your country. Find whether it is under any government or not.

Note: Always remember these few things before trading on any Crypto related sites.

A digital exchange or digital currency, what is Bitcoiva?

The simple difference between the two factors is that digital currency is a type of currency that is used for digital exchanges, whereas digital payment is a platform or medium where transactions of the currencies are performed. There is a vast difference between digital payments and digital currency.

It presented itself in the crypto market as a trading site where the exchange of digital currency is possible.

Alternatives of Bitcoiva

Top listed competitors of Bitcovia are:

  • Rekeningku
  • Bitvavo
  • Flitpay
  • Cross Exchange
  • Houbi
  • Koin Koin
  • Local Crypto
  • X coins
  • Coincheck
  • Change hero
  • Krypto
  • Coinsmart and others.


It is a digital platform were buying and selling of digital currency is done. It got banned due to its auspicious behavior in the crypto trading market. It also influenced people’s perceptions of digital currency.

Crypto is a medium of exchange through a network; it doesn’t rely on cash payments or UPI payments.

This platform helps the buyers and seller to meet at one point for the exchange of the currency. It is a phishing site, which means it stole the data of the users and disturbed their privacy.

Some of the commonly listed alternatives to the Bitcovia site are: Rekeningku, Bitvavo, Flitpay, Cross Exchange, Houbi, Koin Koin, Local Crypto, X coins, Coincheck, Change hero and more.

It particularly aims to disturb the privacy of the users by stealing their personal data. Phishing is a crime; it means cheating or doing fraud with someone. It is a digital currency market that is not bound by any government or banks.

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