Mojini v3: Status, Login, 11E Alienation Application And More!

Mojini v3

Anyone in Karnataka can use gadgets, PCs, and mobile phones to check the Mojini V3 Status application’s result at any given time. This is only applicable for the citizens of Karnataka.

In Karnataka, you may quickly ascertain the survey number of any plot of land. With the help of application number, registered users can track their status of survey documents on this portal.

About Mojini V3

With the use of the Mojini V3 tool and internet access farmers in Karnataka may now monitor the status of land related documents.

Official sites are: and You have the ability to download survey documents using E View.

Survey documents are available for download through E View. The original survey documents can be yours by making an electronic payment.

This application allows farmers to obtain copies of certain land survey records. They can do it without repeatedly visiting government offices. In Karnataka, you may easily find out a plot of land’s survey number. Users can check track their status of survey documents on the official portal. 

The Karnataka government is behind this application which can be used in an Android app and a digital web portal called Mojini.

Features of Mojini Application

  • The Karnataka government offers an Android app and the digital website Mojini’s platform.
  • It eliminates the need for farmers to visit government offices in order to obtain copies of certain land survey records.
  • Karnataka farmers can now check the progress of their online Mojini’s applications by using this platform. This is a progress tool and having internet access to land records.
  • To see the status of your Mojini’s application, you must go to the it’s official website and select the Application status option.
  • Enter the required data (search by survey number, application number, or cell number) to determine the status.
  • Just follow these instructions to see how your Mojini v3 application is progressing.

About Phodi System in Mojini status

The partition of survey numbers into several subdivisions on agricultural land is referred to as phodi.

It is now mandatory in Karnataka to prepare a Land Podi before purchasing or disposing of any agricultural land.

For greater clarity of the land, I have implemented the Phodi system on my land. The survey department’s official authority members are in charge of implementing the Phodi system.

Phodi must be completed in order to register land at the Registrar’s Office. Phodi is not optional. In the event of Dharkast Land—land granted by the government—Dharkast Podi is necessary.

Without Dharkasth Podi, land cannot be purchased, sold, or put to other uses other than agriculture.

History of Mojini Market

In order to execute any mutation, the Karnataka government developed the pre-mutation (11e) sketch system in 2006.

Consequently, a system with insufficient separation of roles without infallible protection. This is against unauthorised changes and insufficient oversight of backup.

They mandated its submission entailing portions of a survey identification number. Demands for government approval, the amount spent, the requirements, timeliness, and the testing protocol has not been upheld.

It was said that the Mojini was created internally. Documentation on internal competencies, the business case or justification for it.

Purpose of Mojini Status

A web-based application programme known as “Mojini”. It was created by the SSLRD in 2007 to control the reception of applications.

They assign work to:

  • Licenced or government surveyors
  • Record fee receipts, and
  • Provide management and,
  • The Management Information System (MIS).

 It was used in each of the 830 Nadakacheries can be found in 786 hoblis out of Karnataka’s 203 talukas.

An updated version of the programme (Mojini-II) was released on November 1, 2013. It includes the process of releasing “phodi” and “hadbust” sketches as well.

Processing of pre-mutation and estrangement sketches alone was done initially were covered by Mojini’s app.


The purpose of the application’s introduction was to make the complete procedure. Procedure of releasing drawings clear-cut and mechanised, and was basically on the First-in-Principles-First-out (FIFO).

Additional benefits mentioned within the system were simplifying the processes entailed in the arrangement. The publication of drawings and removing any bias phases to guarantee a quicker provision of services.

Services to citizens, a decrease in corruption, a place to automated monitoring of application status via the internet or SMS.

Safety concerns through biometric access. The gradual cleansing of Bhoomi information, and gradual recreation of non-current or flawed survey data.

Different techniques to verify Application Status

Procedure 1: Use the Mojini v3 website to Verify Status

  • To utilise the Mojini v3 web interface, navigate to
  • Click to select the Application Status.
  • By using your registration number, phone number, or survey number, you have three options to find out the status.
  • Select and enter the application number.
  • Click to select “Get Status”.

Procedure 2: Check Status with the Mojini’s= App

  • You need to download the Mojini’s App for Android from the Google Play Store.
  • After launching the app, select the View Mojini’s Request Status button.
  • Select if you like to use the application number, survey number, or cellphone number to check the status.
  • Once the data has been entered, choose “Get Status.”

Procedure3: To view the outcome, visit

  • To view the Land data Karnataka website, click to
  • Scroll down to find Other services>, then choose Mojini.
  • The following website will now be displayed to you:
  • Click on Application Status and select the most current entry. Look up the status of a mobile number.

Allotment Status of Mojini

To find out the status of your Mojini’s Allotment, follow the directions on the official Bhoomojini Karnataka website.

  • To visit the official website, go to
  • Select the Allotment Status option after that.
  • Select an option from the survey, mobile number, or application.
  • To view the status, provide the required information. Enter it to view the status depending on the application number.

Technique to overlook the 11E Alienation Application of Mojini

To examine the 11E, Alienation, and Phodi drawings, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Go to the Karnataka Mojini’s government official website.

The actual URL is

Step 2: Click the “View” button on the homepage.

Enter the application number in step three.

Step 4: Select 11E/Phodi/Alienation from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Choose Sketch View at the very end.


Do you know Land surveying is called mojani in Marathi? Yes, it is termed so if you don’t know.

To check the status of your Mojini’s application, click this link: Bhoomojini, Karnataka, Click Application status and then tap Get status. after choosing the application number and typing it.

The official website for Mojini v3 is A property’s section that is up for sale is represented by an 11 E sketch.

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