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Fcs up gov in

Fcs up gov in ration card is a voluntary document that no one is required to receive. However, most people apply for it as a recognised form of identification. This programme grants people access to many government benefits.

A person’s earning capacity determines which of the numerous categories their UP Ration card falls into. While each state has its own programmes, they are all dependent on a family’s yearly income.

Each category of the ration card determines an individual’s entitlement to such rationed commodities. Ration cards are distributed according on the total number of family members. Rations cannot be provided at a discounted rate to people who, in the State Government’s estimation, have a superior earning capacity.

The State Government of the United Provinces issues the UP Ration Card. It serves as proof of nationality. It is a crucial document that certifies identity and shows financial standing.

About fcs up gov in Ration Card

The names of eligible residents are listed in the UP Ration Card List. It is published online annually by the Uttar Pradesh Food and Supplies Department. This year’s list has been released by the Department of Fertilisers and Supplies.

It is available on the official website. Food goods such as rice, wheat, sugar, paraffin and more would be subsidised for those whose names are on the list.

The citizens only need to go to the official website to see their name on the list. It guarantees system openness and saves both time and money.

Eligibility for fcs up gov in Ration Card

All bonafide citizens of India are eligible to request the UP Ration Card at fcs.up.gov.in. Children under the age of eighteen are considered minors and are listed on their parents’ passport. However, an individual over the age of eighteen may apply for a separate ration card.

Any person who is an Indian citizen by law may only request a ration card. The applicant cannot hold any other family cards in the same state or ration cards from other states.

These are allotted according to the total number of family members. Each ration card category determines an individual’s entitlement to these rationed goods.

Types of Ration Card on fcs up gov in

Fcs up gov in offers different types of ration cards to register for. Some of these are:

  • APL Ration Cards: People who are below the previously mentioned poverty limit are especially eligible for this type of card. The card is blue in colour. Low-income families can purchase food grains and other necessities at reduced costs by utilising these cards. Families can use this card to purchase a limited Kgs of ration that are necessities each month.
  • Yellow Ration Cards: These cards are given to the poorest families in Uttar Pradesh society. This card is coloured yellow. Families will be able to purchase 35 kg of essential goods and grains using this ration card.
  • Priority household (PHH) ration card: Households that satisfy the requirements set forth by the state governments. Every household with a priority ration card is eligible for a monthly food grain allowance of five kilogrammes per member.
  • BPL Ration Cards: Those who fit under the below-poverty-line category are especially eligible for this type of card. Red is the color of this card. By using these cards, low-income families can receive subsidised prices on food grains and other necessities. Families can use this card to purchase of necessities each month.

Registering on fcs up gov in

To register on fcs up gov in, you need to follow some simple steps:

  1. Visit https://fcs.up.gov.in/, the official website of the Department of Food & Logistics.

The application form link is located on the homepage.

  • On the page of the application. Have Two Ways to Obtain Ration Card Applications: Rural and Urban Application Forms.

Thus, print the application form based on your region.

  • After that, complete the application form completely, attach all essential paperwork. Send it to the Tehsil or regional CSC centre.

Kindly ensure that you retain a copy of the completed submission form.

Why Ration Card?

The Ration Card is among the most important documents held by Indian citizens. The Ration Card is typically a helpful, multipurpose card. A ration card is helpful everywhere, regardless of whether it is for proving one’s residence or identification.

When utilising any government service that is available to state residents, the ration card is utilised as identification documentation.

 Since it includes details demands about:

  • The number of family members,
  • Income bracket,
  • Number of children,
  • Gender, and other details

It also acts as identification for the entire family.

Finding Your Name

People must apply online in order to discover their name in the UP ration card list. They can apply online for this by going to the website of the state government. Names can be looked for in the list using either the website’s name search function or the information found on ration cards.

Individuals can use their smartphones to look for their name in the for Ration Card List. They can view the name in the list by downloading the state government’s official mobile application.

Those who wish to search for a name in the UP Ration Card List can also call the provided toll-free number. The public can access this service online. They can obtain all the information pertaining to their ration card.

Individuals can also look up names in the UP Ration Card List by calling the provided toll-free number.


For Uttar Pradesh residents to obtain discounted food items through ration stores, the UP Ration Card List is a valuable resource. The Food Department’s official website Fcs up gov in makes it simple for residents to verify their eligibility and locate their name on the list.

For the economically disadvantaged segments of society it is best to look. Obtaining food security through the distribution of ration cards is a critical first step. The government is guaranteeing that people can live healthy lives and not go hungry by giving them access to reasonably priced food.

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