Gpay Limit Per Day: Why the Daily GPay Limit Is Important

Gpay Limit Per Day

Google Pay is an online platform through which one can transfer and receive money in the registered bank account. It is not a digital currency, it’s just a medium through which one can perform transactions and payments. Gpay has set a limit on the daily transactions to avoid frauds. When transactions are performed for ‘n’ number of times, then the is transactions might get flagged. It is an application only, and it has its own limits. Gpay limit per day is sufficient enough to process the smooth transfer on a daily basis.

What is the Gpay Limit Per Day?

Gpay provides an opportunity to transfer a total amount of 1,00,000 rupees per day. In a duration of 24 hours, a user can perform the transaction maximum up to 20 times.

In case you need to perform more number of transactions, you need to wait for more 24 hours to process the payment. During the set up of the Google Pay account, users need to perform the transaction of 1 rupee.

Explaining Gpay Limit Per Day. Why?

Gpay Limit Per Day is set up by the Google to avoid misleading and fraud. System need a time to process the records in the data base to maintain the transparency.

There are some banks who have their own limit in such case change your bank account. In some case you might fail to perform the transaction due to busy server.

How do we get to know that our daily limit is expired?

When you get any of these red alter call then kindly understood that you have already reached your daily limit. It indicates:

  1. When you fail to perform the transaction of more than 1,00,000 lakh rupees in a day.
  2. When you fail to perform more than 20 transactions in a single day or within period of 24 hours.
  3. When you fail to request more than 2,000 rupees through virtual payment mode.

How to fix Gpay Limit Per Day problem?

First of all this is not a problem, it’s  a guidelines that are ordered by National Payment Corporation of India.

  1. To fix this daily limit problem one need to wait for next 24 hours to process the further payment.
  2. One can request a less amount of virtual payment instead of 2000 rupees.
  3. If you’re not able to perform the transaction even though you haven’t reached the daily limit then try contacting the bank.
  4. Gpay is just a medium, it perform the transactions between the two banks.

Tip Given by Google Pay

As per the guidelines of UPI, in case your try to reinstall the application or trying to add your account the limits changes. In such situations one can only perform the transaction of 5,000 rupees with in first 24 hours of the reinstallation.

Advantages of Gpay

Some of the major benefits of this applications:

  1. Gpay is a digital payment option through which transactions cab be done.
  2. With this application one can send and receive payment for free.
  3. It doesn’t demands any transaction charges.
  4. Billions of users trust this platform with their money.
  5. It has ease the mode of payment, users can even send a payment of 1 rupees.

Competitors of GPay

There are few strong competitors available in their market against it, but each one of them rule on the same data limit. It’s a common guidelines which need to be followed by every digital payment medium.

  1. Phone Pe
  2. Paytm
  3. Amazon Pay and more


Their daily pay limit is not their limitation, it’s an initiative taken by the NPCI to protect the users money from getting flagged. To maintain the proper transaction records, it requires some set limit for auto calculation. Google pay also provides some transaction rewards to its users, Install it now for easy payment option.   

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